Solar Integrator Trailer

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The simple design of Wanco’s solar-powered trailer for integrators provides everything needed for installing equipment. Combine cameras, lights, recording devices, PA systems — anything needed for the application. The rugged trailer features a 20-foot telescoping tower with attached cable and battery power with an automated solar-based charging system.


  • Add gear as needed
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Silent operation
  • Built-in power system
  • Solar arrays up to 1050 watts

Base platform

  • Rugged trailer built for integrators
  • Vertical 20-foot tower with attached cable
  • Onboard power with automatic charging system
  • Electronics housed in weather-tight enclosure

Power options

  • 12 Vdc AGM batteries wired for 24 volts
  • Choice of 400Ah or 800 Ah total capacity
  • 45A AC charger included
  • Choice of 600W, 900W, or 1050W solar array
  • Solar array tilts 90 degrees from horizontal to vertical

Cameras and equipment

  • Add your own cameras and accessories as needed
  • Tower has two 1½-inch NPT connectors for pendant-style cameras
  • Tower cable includes three CAT5, one 16/2, one ground
  • Options include mounts for more cameras and other equipment
  • LED light fixtures are optional

Control box

  • Back-plate ready for installation of your electronics
  • Aluminum enclosure measures 24 inches square and 10 inches deep
  • Latch accepts user-supplied padlock

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