Radar-Speed Trailer for Law Enforcement


The Wanco radar-speed trailer for law enforcement has the largest portable speed sign available today. With changeable speed limit indication and radar-triggered speed display, the radar-speed trailer instructs motorists to slow down by flashing their excessive speed.

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  • Extra-large full-matrix display
  • Optical lenses and sun shades over 26-inch LED characters
  • Selectable speed-limit setting
  • Clearly displays speed in mph (one or two digits) or km/h (up to three digits —see international model)
  • Software-controlled selection of speed units, mph or km/h
  • 24x30-inch regulatory speed-limit sign included, other sizes available
  • Regulatory sign has changeable speed-limit numbers
  • Approach-only K-band radar measures speeds from 5 to 150 mph (8 to 240 km/h), at a distance of up to 1500 feet (450 meters)
  • Radar unit is CE compliant, FCC approved
  • Extended height increases visibility
  • Streamlined see-through design
  • Compact and easily portable, 5-minute setup
  • Under 900 pounds (400kg), can be towed by most vehicles
  • Drawbar can be removed for added security and smaller footprint
  • Standard 2-inch ball coupler tow-hitch
  • Regulatory speed-limit sign
  • Battery powered & solar charging
  • Locking control box and battery compartment
Regulatory sign sizes
  • 36x36 inches
Tow hitch
  • Combo-hitch for 2-inch ball and 3-inch pintle hook
  • Additional batteries, up to four total
  • Leak- and spill-proof valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries
Other options

†Some options may not be available for aftermarket installation. Please consult factory.

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Dimensions — inches (cm)
Dimensions — inches (cm)
Approx. 870 lbs. (395 kg)
TrailerMIG-welded steel tubing
Speed-display cabinetAluminum sheet construction, NEMA 4 rated
CoatingPowder-coated and oven-baked
SignAluminum sheet
BatteriesTwo Group 24 deep-cycle 6 V dc batteries, wired for 12 V dc power supply; four batteries optional
Battery capacity215 Ah total
Solar panelOne 65 W panel; higher-output panels optional
Regulatory sign
Size24x30 inches standard, 36x36 inches optional
Optional traffic data collector
TechnologyRadar-based, no loops or hoses
CountCounts both approaching and departing vehicles
Records speed, direction, length, date and time
Counts up to 1 million vehicles
RangeAdjustable up to 700 ft. (213 m)

†Specifications subject to change without notice.

Commonly deployed in school zones, neighborhoods and high-accident areas, numerous options provide a strong measure of traffic calming unmatched by other roadway signs. The Wanco radar-speed trailer features a changeable speed limit sign above an electronic display.

Wanco engineers designed the new full-matrix display to be the largest, most visible display on the market. The compact, portable trailer is suitable for use in neighborhoods as well as major roads with heavy traffic.

When a motorist exceeds the speed limit, the display flashes the vehicle’s speed. For excessive speed, a selectable overspeed message flashes “slow down” or a frowning face or other symbol, together with optional flashers that attract attention.

Factory-configured units show motorists’ speed in mph (one or two digits) or km/h (up to three digits — see international model). The display’s LEDs have visors and shades that produce superior angularity and visibility.

A regulatory sign above the display features changeable speed-limit numbers for easy setup in any speed zone.

The trailer’s see-through design puts pedestrians in view, improving their safety—particularly in dangerous, high-risk areas. The solar powered battery-charging system provides longer run times.

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