Balloon Light Cart


Balloon lights provide diffused light that reduces shadows and eliminates glare, making night work safer and easier on the eyes. Wanco Balloon Lights are perfect for nighttime operations by fire rescue, EMS, police and military.

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  • Glare-free 360° illumination
  • Reduced and diffused shadows
  • Steerable heavy-duty cart
  • Independent inverter power generator
  • Optional LED floodlight attachment
  • 2000-watt inverter generator
  • 2600-watt inverter generator
  • 3000-watt inverter generator
  • Auxiliary LED floodlight for 2000-watt generator

†Some options may not be available for aftermarket installation. Please consult factory.

Deployed footprint, L x W77 x 80 in. (196 × 203 cm)
Deployed height, max.16 ft. 3 in. (4.95 m)
Travel size, L x W x H47 x 31 x 91 in. (118 x 79 x 230 cm)
Balloon size, W x H43 x 26 in. (110 x 66 cm)
Weight, approx.300 lbs. (136 kg)
LightOne metal halide lamp
Luminosity110,000 lumens
Power draw1000 watts
Run time7 hrs. continuous at 50% load with Wanco WI2000P 2kW inverter generator (other generator models also available, run times will vary)
Built-in handle, steerable wheels, and pneumatic tires for portability
Foot-operated parking brake stops the cart from rolling when engaged
Four outriggers provide stability in high winds
Operates in inclement weather
Meets DOT diffused-lighting specifications

†Specifications subject to change without notice.

Balloon lights provide diffused light that reduces shadows and limits glare, making night work safer and easier on the eyes. On commercial power, our balloon lights work outdoors or indoors. When powered by a portable Wanco Inverter Generator, they are perfect for outdoor nighttime work of any kind.

Deployment is fast and simple with a built-in handle, steerable wheels, pneumatic tires and a hand‑winch for raising the tower. The light operates at any height. With outriggers deployed, the heavy‑duty steel base and low center of gravity keep the balloon light stable.

Wanco Balloon Lights can use either commercial power or a Wanco Inverter Generator attached to the cart. A choice of generators provide portable power from 2,000 to 3,000 watts and can be removed and used independently. An optional floodlight attachment is available for the 2,000-watt generator.

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