Solar Integrator Trailers

Wanco Integrator Trailers provide a solar-powered platform for building out your own portable surveillance product. These high-quality trailers are heavy-duty and built to last. Install your own cameras, sensors, lights and more, depending on your application. Let us work with you to customize our platform to provide you with the right solution. Many standard configurations are available, with and without solar and batteries. All units are compliant with FHWA regulations for trailer lighting.

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Base platform
  • Rugged trailer built for integrators
  • Ready for you to add your own gear
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Telescoping 20-foot tower with cable attached
  • Onboard power with automatic charging system
  • Electronics housed in weather-tight enclosure
  • Silent operation
  • Battery power with automated solar charging
  • 12 Vdc AGM batteries wired for 24 volts
  • Solar up to 1050 watts
  • Solar array tilts from horizontal to 90° vertical
  • High-security battery box
  • Backup 45-amp AC charger
  • Bolt-on steel fenders
  • Standard trailer tires
Cameras and equipment
  • Add your own cameras and accessories as needed
  • Tower has two 1½-inch NPT connectors for pendant-style cameras
  • Tower cable includes three CAT5, one 16/2, one ground
Control box
  • Back plate ready for installation of your electronics
  • Aluminum enclosure measures 24 inches square and 10 inches deep
  • Latch accepts user-supplied padlock
  • Mounts for additional cameras and other equipment
  • LED light fixtures
  • 400Ah or 800 Ah total battery capacity
  • 600W, 900W, or 1050W solar array

†Some options may not be available for aftermarket installation. Please consult factory.


†Specifications subject to change without notice.

Power demand will vary depending on the devices that are installed and operating. Solar yield will vary with location and environmental factors (see chart below).
Solar yield example — Denver, Colorado

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While a choice of battery banks will provide plenty of power, choosing the right solar array will keep the batteries fully charged and ready for use.

Wanco will help you choose the right combination of batteries and solar for your application.

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