Radar-Speed Signs

Commonly deployed in school zones, construction sites, high-accident areas and neighborhoods, Wanco speed trailers provide a strong measure of traffic calming unmatched by other roadway signs. With a radar-triggered display, bright LED characters flash a vehicle’s excessive speed, thereby encouraging the motorist to slow down.

Radar-Speed Trailers
Radar-Speed Trailers

Large, bright LED characters
Regulatory speed-limit sign
Easy to transport
See-through design
Battery-powered and solar charging

> Compact Speed Trailer
> Folding Speed Trailer
> Vertical-Mast Trailer
> International Trailer
> Law Enforcement Trailer
Pole-Mount Radar-Speed Signs
Pole-Mount Radar-Speed Signs

Configurable settings
Choice of sizes and mounting options
Battery or AC powered
Optional 365-day timer
Optional warning devices

> Pole-Mount
Traffic Data Classifier System
Traffic Data Classifier System

Collects and classifies traffic data
Nonintrusive and safe to install
Analytic graphing
Data analysis for any purpose
Remote access with optional modem

> Traffic Data Classifier