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The Wanco Automated Flagger Assistance Device (AFAD) is a portable flagging station that removes the traditional human flagger from the road while providing motorists with clear guidance through a temporary traffic control (TTC) zone. As a result, the Wanco AFAD not only improves worker safety but also lowers costs by limiting liability and exposure for personnel.

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Nearly 40 percent of pedestrian fatalities in work zones are roadway workers who are struck by vehicles.* The Wanco Automated Flagger addresses worker safety by enabling a human flagger to remain off the road and out of the path of moving traffic. Operated by remote control, one worker can manage one or two AFADs from a safe distance.

The Wanco AFAD meets MUTCD standards for automated flagger assistance devices, featuring highly visible 12-inch red and yellow signal lights and a red-and-white reflectorized gate arm to control right-of-way. The gate arm blocks traffic when it is down, and allows traffic to pass when it is up. The signal lights change automatically in coordination with the gate arm position: a red light tells motorists to stop while the arm is down, and a yellow light flashes continually while the arm is up.

The flagger–operator is in full control of the gate arm, manually triggering changes in its position. The operator can choose either of the two included remote controls, a wireless touchscreen or cabled push-button. The full-featured touchscreen interface is intuitive and easy to use. It offers several configuration options to suit the work zone and the operator’s needs.

The Wanco AFAD is compact and portable, making it easy to tow. Two AFAD trailers can be towed together by a single vehicle where allowed by local regulations. Deploying the Wanco AFAD is simple, quick and easy, allowing a worker to set up the unit in a few minutes.

*Work zone fatality statistics available through the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


  • Removes human flagger from the road
  • Wireless or cabled remote control
  • Intuitive easy-to-use controller
  • Battery powered and solar charging
  • Tandem tow or optional nested tow


  • Extremely portable, can be towed by most vehicles
  • Compact trailer is easy to maneuver
  • Tow one trailer or two trailers
  • Rear tandem-tow ball hitch


  • Leveling jacks raise trailer tires off the ground to provide stability
  • Heavy-duty hand-winch allows one person to easily raise and lower the sign and signal lights
  • Single auto-locking device holds the tower in place while operating and during transport
  • Gate arm remains attached during transport and for storage
  • Gate arm extension can be removed and stowed
  • Easy pairing and unpairing with wireless controller
  • Full deployment by one person takes just a few minutes


  • Remote control allows human flagger to remain off the road
  • Wireless controller and cable-connected controller both included
  • Flexible operation for one or two operators and AFADs
  • 12-inch red and yellow LED signal lights are highly visible
  • Operator can enable haul-road crossing mode
  • Intrusion alarm activated from wireless controller

Wireless controller

  • Full-color touchscreen with high-resolution display
  • Intuitive easy-to-use interface
  • Large AFAD buttons continuously indicate gate position and signal light behavior
  • Prohibited operations are “grayed out” and inactive
  • When two AFADs are controlled by one operator, the main control screen prevents both AFAD gates from opening at the same time
  • Continuous display of wireless signal strength and power indicators
  • Large “All Stop” button closes any open gate
  • Individual vehicle-intrusion alarm buttons for each connected AFAD

Cabled controller

  • Single large button opens and closes gate
  • When cable is connected to control box, prevents wireless control

Power system

  • Battery powered and solar charging
  • Energy-efficient operation results in long run times
  • Solar panel charges batteries automatically without intervention
  • Charging system shuts down when batteries are fully charged, preventing damage
  • Power system allows battery charging with solar panel or commercial power
  • Cooling fan protects battery charger from overheating
  • Battery box includes cradle and charger for wireless controller
  • Battery box can be locked to prevent unauthorized access


  • Standard trailer tires
  • Bolt-on fenders can be replaced if damaged
  • Durable powder-coat finish resists the elements


  • Temporary traffic control zones
  • Pavement patching operations
  • Bridge maintenance
  • Roadwork zones
  • Partial road closures
  • Haul road crossings



  • Signals backplate
  • Rear indicator light

Gate arm

  • Diagonal stripes
  • 4″ (11.4cm) arm height
  • Short arm extension
  • Fluorescent orange flag
  • Breakaway arm

Power system

  • Choice of battery types and configurations
  • Additional solar
  • 45-amp battery charger
  • High-security battery box


  • Combo-hitch for 2-inch ball and 2 1/2-inch pintle hook
  • Heavy-duty lunette ring for 3-inch pintle hook
  • Rear tandem-tow pintle hook
  • Nested dual-tow

Some options may not be available for aftermarket installation. Please consult factory.


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Approx. 875 lb (397kg)



MIG-welded steel tubing


Oven-baked powder coating

Tow hitch

2-inch ball coupler



Gate arm


Rectangular PVC tubing
3" × 2⅛" (7.6 × 5.4cm) H × D


Vertical red-and-white stripes

Signal lights


12-inch LED modules
Red top light
Yellow bottom light


Yellow polycarbonate with hinged door access to lamp and wiring


Tunnel type, extending 9.75" (248mm) from door surface

Flash rate

50 times per minute
50% duty cycle

Regulatory sign


24" × 36" (61 × 91cm) W × H


Standard R10-6 “STOP HERE ON RED” sign


Aluminum sheet, 0.080 in (2 mm) thick, with white high-intensity reflective coating

Intrusion siren


1-tone siren, 110 dB


15W, 12Vdc

Wireless controller


4.3-inch resistive touchscreen
480 × 272 pixels

Radio transmission

915MHz, 10Kbps


1000 ft (305m) range from controller to AFAD trailer

Cabled controller


Single push-button


Quick-connect cable
15 ft (4.6m) cable length



Four 6 Vdc deep-cycle Group 24 batteries, wired in parallel and series for a 12-volt system

Battery capacity

416 Ah total

Solar panel

One 85W panel

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Specifications subject to change without notice.