Generator Accessories

Enhance your generator with genuine Wanco accessories direct from the factory. We offer a variety of accessories for our generators, including wheel kits and trailers, parallel kits for our inverter generators and shafts, trailers and platforms for our PTOs. See below for a list of all available accessories. For generator parts, contact the factory.

WLK2000 LED Floodlight

Floodlight for Inverter Generators

A powerful LED floodlight can easily be attached to model WI2000P and WP2000CP generators. Its lightweight folding design allows for portability. You can run other equipment while using the floodlight, as long as the maximum load is not exceeded.

Parallel Kits for Inverter Generators

Need a lot of power some of the time, but don’t want to move a large generator all of the time? Consider the convenience of our Wanco Parallel Kits. With a parallel kit, you can use combinations of our parallel-ready inverter generators to get peak power from two lightweight units. Each kit includes a 30-amp receptacle, making it RV friendly. Contact your dealer for the best kit for your particular application.

Wheel Kits for Engine-Driven Generators

Wanco Wheel Kits are easy to install, quickly making even our heaviest generators easy to move. All wheel kits include fold-down handles.

Water-Oil Separator for Diesel Generators

Easy to install, the water-oil separator reduces engine wear and prolongs engine life by removing water and particles from diesel fuel. Use our water-oil separator on XDR60 contractor/rental generators and XTP50 diesel three-phase generators.

Glow Plug for Diesel Generators

Add a glow plug to a diesel generator to help with cold-weather starting. The glow plug heats up inside the engine, making it easier for the engine to start when it is cold. Use our glow plug on XDR60 contractor/rental generators and XTP50 diesel three-phase generators.

Adapter Plate for Belt-Drive Generators

Our adapter plate ensures your assembly has the mounting holes you need for easily pairing our generators with your equipment. For use with AB-Series single-pulley belt-driven generators.

Shafts for PTO Generators

Connect your tractor to a Wanco PTO Generator using our PTO shafts. Robust and durable, these heavy-duty attachments are made for the rigors of farm and ranch applications. Choose from two shaft lengths:

Trailer for PTO Generators

Easily move your Wanco PTO Generator when you need it most. Attach our versatile PTO trailer to your tractor’s hitch and tow it anywhere. The trailer drawbar accommodates a through-bolt up to 1 inch in diameter. Designed for off-road use, the trailer fits our 3600rpm PTO generators.

3-Point Hitch Platform for PTO GeneratorsWanco 3-Point Hitch for PTO Generators

Let your tractor do the heavy lifting. Attach a Wanco PTO 3-Point Hitch and the tractor will carry your PTO generator everywhere it goes. The all welded heavy-gauge platform supports our 3600rpm PTO generators.