Traffic PVS System


The Traffic Portable Video Surveillance System provides remote site monitoring in a compact, mobile, self-contained unit. PVS lets you watch work zones, and other areas from any Internet-connected device.

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Wanco’s Traffic PVS System features cameras and sensing devices chosen specifically for transportation departments.

This is a deceptively simple device with a wide array of applications. It lets DOT watch centers monitor traffic, road and weather conditions in real time. Traffic engineers can perform intersection studies for vehicle, lane and turning counts. ITS and signal engineers can tie into smart work zone systems for managing road construction projects. Municipal DOTs can monitor traffic in heavy-volume areas at peak periods. Because the Traffic PVS is portable, it can also augment applications where construction might require permanent cameras to be taken offline.

The system deploys quickly and easily, and almost anyone can use it without training. Remote-video access is achieved via any Internet-connected device. With additional batteries and solar, the Traffic PVS can be fully autonomous for long run times in most U.S. regions.


  • Designed for state, county and city DOTs
  • Live remote video
  • Integrates with existing video networks
  • Battery and solar powered
  • Multi-lane traffic monitoring sensor optional

Camera System

  • One or more outdoor IP-network cameras
  • Cameras are day/night PTZ dome style with 360° rotation
  • Axis, Vicon, WCCTV and other cameras available
  • Edge recording to SD card available depending on camera model
  • Live video can be fed (via FTP) to internal or public websites


  • High-speed 4G LTE cellular modem (cellular plan required)
  • Wi-Fi and many radio options to choose from
  • Multiple antenna types for the signal power and distance you need

Power System

  • Battery powered
  • Solar-based charging system charges batteries automatically without intervention
  • Charging system shuts down when batteries are fully charged, preventing damage
  • Unique system allows battery charging with solar panels or commercial power
  • Additional batteries and solar available for long-term deployments

Traffic Sensor

  • Optional multi-lane, side-fire sensor records traffic volume, occupancy, speed and classification

Tamper Resistance

  • 30-foot telescoping pivoting tower with Nycoil cable protection
  • No wires or cables accessible from ground level
  • Triple-lock compartment doors prevent unauthorized access to the interior
  • Tower rotation can be locked
  • Mobility deterrents prevent trailer from being shifted or towed
  • Tie-downs can be anchored to ground or other equipment
  • Integrated hardware leaves no accessible screws, nuts or bolts


  • Choice of cameras
  • Choice of wireless communications
  • Choice of antenna types
  • Traffic sensor/classifier
  • Warning siren
  • LED illuminators

Some options may not be available for aftermarket installation. Please consult factory.



Camera model

Vicon® Surveyor™ or Axis® Q60 series; other cameras available

Camera type

Clear-domed day/night, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ)

Optical zoom

23X standard, 35X optional


Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 streams

Network security

Multiple user-access levels, IP address filtering, HTTPS encryption, IEEE 802.1X authentication


High-speed 4G cellular router, accessible via TCP/IP Internet connection (no local access)


Electric-winch operated


Weight, approx.

2176 lbs. (987 kg)


MIG welded, unibody-style


Oven-baked powder coat

Footprint, deployed

129 L x 112 W in. (328 L x 283 W cm)

Camera height

Up to 29 ft. (8.8 m)

Travel height

72 in. (183 cm)

Tow hitch

Standard combo hitch, 2-in. ball or 2½-in. dia. x 1-in. CS pintle coupler

Power system


Leak- and spill-proof valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA)
Two load-bank batteries provide operating power
One start battery powers engine startup

Hybrid-diesel charging

Auto-start function engages to recharge load-bank batteries based on load-battery status

Fuel capacity

30 gal.

Low-voltage disconnect

Disengages power to equipment when battery voltage gets low; system automatically restarts when batteries are recharged; voltage and temperature settings are adjustable

Optional equipment

Wireless communications

Cellular: 4G EvDO Rev. A, HSPA
Wireless networks: Wi-Fi, WLAN, 802.11, Mesh

Warning siren

Manual activation on-site, manual activation remotely, or event-triggered

LED lighting

High-power LED illuminators

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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