Wireless Arrow Boards

Use our Wireless Arrow Boards for truck and trailer installations where a wired controller is not practical. Full functionality is at your fingertips with a powerful 900 MHz wireless touchscreen controller that provides a reliable connection to the sign.

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Designed specifically for systems that are required to be on and off the vehicle, full-size Wanco Wireless Arrow Boards are available in three sizes, 15- and 25-light, with a wide selection of mounting options that include power-tilt frames.

Wireless communication uses XBee® technology at 900 MHz for a reliable connection between the controller and the sign. While this frequency benefits from relatively low traffic and excellent penetration, data encryption further ensures successful and accurate pairing and virtually zero latency means instant response.

The appealing design of Wanco’s controller features large, colorful graphics on a bright, four‑inch, touchscreen display. Intuitive icons are easy to use, and all arrow board functions can be managed with Wanco’s wireless controller, including power‑tilt-frame operation and system diagnostics. The pattern on the arrow board is displayed in a large animation on the main screen. Tilt operation is animated on the tilt control screen.

The compact controller mounts inside the vehicle cab using a fully adjustable suction-cup mount, just like GPS systems you are already familiar with. A permanent mounting bracket is also available, or you can use any mounting device with a standard threaded camera-type mount. The controller is powered from the vehicle’s power outlet/cigar lighter and can be hard-wired.


  • 900 MHz wireless communication
  • Wireless touchscreen controller
  • Best arrow boards in the business
  • Widest choice of mounting options
  • Easy to install and easy to use


Wanco Wireless Controller Quick Setup Guide

Wireless Controller Quick Setup Guide

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