XT Sign Trailer


Wanco’s XT Fold-n-Go Sign Trailer provides a platform for temporarily displaying large regulatory signs, alerting motorists of a work zone or other hazards. At nearly 14 feet tall, the XT trailer is perfect for highways. Its ample size makes the signs hard to miss. The XT trailer offers easy roadside placement and quick deployment.

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The XT Fold-n-Go Sign Trailer stands 13 feet 9 inches when deployed, and accepts signs 48 inches wide. Three signs can be displayed at once, in heights of 12, 60, and 20 inches. Two high-output flashing strobe lights draw attention to the signs. Onboard power for the beacons comes from batteries, which are recharged automatically by an integrated solar-based charging system for more uptime without intervention.

All of our Fold-n-Go trailers can be customized to meet state DOT requirements. Contact factory for more information.


  • Sign frame is almost 14 feet tall when deployed
  • Design allows for quick setup and takedown
  • Top, middle and bottom sign positions
  • Attach one, two or three signs
  • See-through trailer design improves safety of workers in high-risk areas
  • Strobe lights powered by batteries, charged with integrated solar panels
  • Low-voltage disconnect protects batteries
  • Control box contains solar panel regulator
  • Battery and control boxes can be locked to prevent unauthorized access



  • Additional solar

Some options may not be available for aftermarket installation. Please consult factory.


Dimensions — inches (cm)

Trailer length with drawbar

100 (254)

Trailer width

74 (188)

Operating height

165 (419)

Traveling height

120 (305)


Approx. 900 lbs. (408 kg)



MIG-welded, 2 x 3-inch steel tubing


Powder-coated and oven-baked


ST205/75 D15



Standard regulatory signs

Sign width

48 inches

Top sign height

12 inches

Middle sign height

60 inches

Bottom sign height

20 inches


Two high-output flashing LED strobe lights



Two 6 V dc golf-cart-type, wired in series for 12 V dc power supply

Solar panel

One 55 W panel

Specifications subject to change without notice.