Compact Light Towers for Public Safety


Wanco Compact Light Towers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology for excellent performance and reliability. They deploy quickly and easily, and feature powerfully bright LED lights, the brightest available on any light tower. Metal halide and balloon lights are also available. The 24½-foot vertical tower is the tallest on any compact light tower, the lights operate at any height and the mast can rotate 360 degrees, even while extended. Portable light towers are a proven tool for police, fire and rescue and more.


  • Compact design
  • Easy to tow and deploy
  • Aim lights from the ground
  • LED lights
  • Heavy gauge all-steel body


  • Cost-effective to own and operate
  • LED lights are instant-on with no warm-up or cool-down needed
  • Durable fixtures ensure longevity and dependability
  • Tower is the tallest available on a compact light tower
  • Tower rotates nearly 360 degrees and lights operate at any height
  • LED lights are the brightest available on a compact light tower
  • All-steel cabinet and structural steel frame ensure reliability and longevity
  • Durable powder-coat finish resists the elements
  • Tier 4 Final diesel engine includes glow-plug preheat system for improved cold-weather starting
  • Fuel capacity of 60 gallons provides almost 200 hours of run time


  • Lights can be safely adjusted from the ground, with no need to climb on equipment
  • Dual-pulley system lifts each tower section from below, reducing the cable load by 50% and balancing the load for smooth transition up and down while using the winch
  • Three outriggers and four leveling jacks provide stability when deployed
  • Balanced design and short height ensure the best towing experience of any light tower


  • Compact design takes up less space
  • Each light fixture can be aimed independently without tools
  • Single winch raises and lowers the tower smoothly and easily
  • Rotating tower reduces the need to frequently move the light tower trailer
  • Balanced design can be towed by nearly any vehicle



  • 350-watt LED lights
  • 480-watt LED lights
  • Metal halide lights
  • LED balloon lights

Tower lift

  • Power winch
  • Hydraulic lift


  • Kubota
  • Mitsubishi

Other options

  • 240V twist-lock receptacle
  • Auto start/stop controller
  • Cold weather start package
  • Emergency-stop button

Some options may not be available for aftermarket installation. Please consult factory.


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Approx. 1965 lb (891kg)


Approx. 1580 lb (717kg)



MIG welded, unibody-style


Trailer: Hot-dipped galvanized
Cabinet: Oven-baked powder coated

Tow hitch

Standard 2-inch ball coupler



Lights* — 350-watt LEDs


Four 350W LED fixtures

Luminous flux

52,525 lm per fixture
210,100 lm total


30,290 sq ft (2815 m²)
0.6954 acre

Lights* — 480-watt LEDs


Four 480W LED fixtures

Luminous flux

61,205 lm per fixture
244,820 lm total


33,175 sq ft (3080 m²)
0.7616 acre

Lights* — Metal halide


Four 1000W metal halide lamps

Luminous flux

86,850 lm per lamp
347,400 lm total initial intensity


33,575 sq ft (3120 m²)
0.7707 acre

Lights* — Balloon lights


Two 650 W LED balloon lights
360-degree beam angle

Luminous flux

65,000 lm per balloon
130,000 lm total

Coverage, ≥0.5 fc

4625 sq ft (430 m²)
0.1062 acre

Output power


6 kW


120 V


50 A


60 Hz

Voltage regulation

±6%, no load to full load

Power system

Engine type

Tier 4 Final diesel, 3-cylinder, 4-cycle, liquid-cooled

Engine speed

1800 rpm

Generator type

Brushless, class H

Generator wattage

6 kW


AGM 12 Vdc, 550 CCA

Max. power output

12.2 to 15.4 hp (9.1 to 11.5 kW)*


58.09 to 68.53 in³ (952 to 1123 cm³)*

Sound level

68 dB @ 23 ft (7m) at max. load

Fuel tank capacity

60 gal (227 L)

Fuel consumption

0.25 to 0.49 gal/hr (0.096 to 1.86 L/h)*

Runtime before refueling*

350W LEDs:  approx. 240 hrs
480W LEDs:  approx. 190 hrs
Metal halide:  approx. 120 hrs

specification image

*Depending on model.
**Total coverage ≥ 0.5 fc with lights at 24 feet and fixtures tilted 15° down from vertical.
Specifications subject to change without notice.