Compact Diesel Light Towers

These compact light towers have a small footprint and lots of features unique in this size, including the tallest mast, largest fuel tank, and longest run time.

Diesel Laydown Light Towers

Traditional design with laydown tower, dual winches and diesel power plant. Choose metal halide lights, LED fixtures or balloon lights atop a telescoping tower.

Vertical-Mast Diesel Light Towers

Quick and easy to deploy, the mast on these light towers is always vertical. Choose metal halide lights, LEDs or balloon lights on the full-height telescoping tower.

Long-Run Light Towers

Wanco Long-Run Light Towers feature an exclusive, revolutionary design that provides more light than a metal halide light tower, but uses far less fuel.

12kW Light Tower

A 12kW light tower based on a powerful single-phase generator, features a vertical mast, extra-long run time and bright, energy-efficient LED light fixtures.

20kW Light Tower

A 20kW light tower based on a powerful three-phase generator, features a vertical mast, extra-long run time and four bright, energy-efficient LED fixtures.

Mine-Spec Light Towers

Designed for the rigorous environmental and operating demands of the mining industry — which also makes them perfect for oil and gas field applications.

Internal Storage Light Towers

A wide-body canopy provides storage for lights or equipment, available with LEDs, HIDs or balloon lights on a traditional laydown tower or a vertical tower.

Small Solar Light Towers

Compact design for utility site and road repairs, security checkpoints, gated entrances, flagger stations and small work areas. Autonomous summer operation.

Medium Solar Light Towers

Perfect for parking lots, small construction sites, material staging areas and material staging. Autonomous operation spring through fall in most locations.

Large Solar Light Towers

For more power and longer run times, with a larger frame and taller tower than our smaller models. Autonomous operation year-round in most typical locations.

Large/Wide Solar Light Tower

Large/Wide Solar Light Towers

Designed for large-scale operations like pit mining, large construction sites, parking lots and freight yards. Autonomous operation year-round in most locations.

LED Balloon Lights

LED balloon lights provide diffused light that reduces shadows and eliminates glare. Extremely energy-efficient, use commercial power or a portable generator.

Compact Light Towers for Public Safety

Compact and loaded with features unique for this small size, including the brightest LED lights, tallest vertical tower, largest fuel tank, and longest run time.

Diesel Light Towers for Public Safety

Safety is always a concern when responding to an emergency at night. Get this proven portable lighting for police, fire and rescue, accident investigation and more.

Vertical Light Towers for Public Safety

Quick and easy to deploy with a mast that is always vertical. Features four light fixtures or two balloon lights on a telescoping mast raised with a single winch.