Internal Storage Light Towers


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Wanco Internal Storage Light Towers feature the same excellent quality and functionality as our standard diesel light towers, and they have a wide-body equipment bay for storing the lights or other equipment. The light fixtures include quick-connect wiring, making it easy to remove them for storage or reinstall them after storage. Options abound with your choice of light fixtures, tower, premium diesel power plant, control system and more.

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For fast job-site setup and less downtime, each light fixture can be aimed independently without the use of tools — and the fixtures stay in place once positioned. Choose LED, metal halide or balloon lights when specifying your light tower. All lights feature quick-disconnect wiring connectors.

You can select our laydown-style tower for its low towing and storage height, or our vertical tower for ease of deployment with a single winch or an optional hydraulic lift. Both types of towers feature a telescoping design, 30-foot height and nearly 360‑degree rotation even when fully raised. The lights operate at any height.

A choice of industrial diesel engines and four-pole generators ensures reliable performance. Output power and convenience outlets are included for running auxiliary equipment. The high‑efficiency engine and 30-gallon fuel tank provide extended run times between refuelings — up to 120 hours with Wanco’s exclusive LED light fixtures. Performance enhancing options include a dusk-to-dawn auto-start/stop system and a cold‑weather start package.

The equipment bay is a rugged all-steel cabinet with two gull-wing doors that can be locked closed to protect against unauthorized access. The cabinet includes fixed mounting for the light fixtures, or it can be used for storing equipment.

Wanco Internal Storage Light Towers boast trouble-free operation and exceptional longevity, hallmarks of the Wanco brand.


  • Quick-disconnect wiring
  • Choose LED, metal halide or balloon lights
  • Telescoping tower rotates nearly 360 degrees
  • Vertical or laydown tower
  • Internal storage with lockable doors


  • High-efficiency light fixtures keep maximum light on the job longer, increasing safety
  • Durable fixtures ensure longevity and dependability
  • Two outriggers and four leveling jacks provide stability
  • Tier 4 Final diesel engine includes glow-plug preheat system for improved cold-weather starting
  • Fuel capacity of 30 gallons provides extended run times up to 120 hours with Wanco’s exclusive LED light fixtures


  • Wide-body canopy provides internal storage
  • Cabinet interior includes fixed mounting for light fixtures
  • Lockable, weather-resistant, steel cabinet protects engine, electrical components and stored equipment
  • Rotating tower reduces the need to frequently move the trailer
  • Control panel features hour meter, a choice of convenience outlets for powering external equipment, and circuit breakers for on/off functionality and protection
  • Automatic shutdown system protects engine from damage due to low oil pressure and high coolant temperature
  • Translucent polyethylene fuel tank provides instant view of fuel level, eliminating the need for a fuel gauge



  • 350-watt LEDs
  • 480-watt LEDs
  • LED balloon lights

Tower lift

  • Dual power winches (laydown tower)
  • Single power winch (vertical tower)
  • Hydraulic lift (vertical tower)


  • Kubota
  • Mitsubishi

Power system

  • 8kW
  • 6kW
  • 50Hz

Power receptacles

  • 120V or 240V twist-lock for 60 Hz models
  • Schuko or Weipu connectors for 50 Hz models

Other options

  • High-power battery
  • Cold-weather start package
  • Auto start/stop system
  • Emergency-stop button
  • Fluid containment

Some options may not be available for aftermarket installation. Please consult factory.




Approx. 1930 lb (875kg)


Approx. 1680 lb (762kg)



MIG welded, unibody-style


Oven-baked powder coating

Tow hitch

Combo-hitch for 2-inch ball or 2 1/2-inch pintle hook



Lights* — Metal halide


Four 1000W metal halide lamps

Luminous flux

86,850 lm per lamp
347,400 lm total initial intensity


38,140 sq ft (3545 m²)
0.8754 acre

Lights* — Optional 350-watt LEDs


Four 350W LED fixtures

Luminous flux

52,525 lm per fixture
210,100 lm total


34,605 sq ft (3215 m²)
0.7946 acre

Lights* — Optional 480-watt LEDs


Four 480 W LED fixtures

Luminous flux

61,205 lm per fixture
244,820 lm total


38,490 sq ft (3576 m²)
0.8836 acre

Lights* — Optional balloon lights


Two 650 W LED balloon lights
360-degree beam angle

Luminous flux

65,000 lm per balloon
130,000 lm total

Coverage, ≥0.5 fc

14,080 sq ft (1308 m²)
0.3233 acre

Output power


6 kW or 8 kW


120 V or 240 V


50 A @ 120 V
25 A @ 240 V


60 Hz or 50 Hz

Voltage regulation

±6%, no load to full load

Power system

Engine type

Tier 4 Final diesel, 3-cylinder, 4-cycle, liquid-cooled

Engine speed*

1800 rpm @ 60 Hz or
1500 rpm @ 50 Hz

Generator type

Brushless, class H

Generator wattage*

6 kW or 8 kW


12 V dc, 550 CCA

Max. power output*

Mitsubishi engine: 12.2 hp (9.1 kW)
Kubota D1005: 13.1 hp (9.8 kW)
Kubota D1105: 15.4 hp (11.5 kW)


Mitsubishi engine: 58.09 in³ (952 cm³)
Kubota D1005: 61.08 in³ (1001 cm³)
Kubota D1105: 68.53 in³ (1,123 cm³)

Sound level, max. load

71 dB @ 23 ft (7 m)

Fuel tank capacity

30 gal (114 L)

Fuel consumption*

0.25 to 0.49 gal/hr (0.096 to 1.86 L/h)

Runtime before refueling

Metal halide:  approx. 62 hrs
350W LEDs:  approx. 120 hrs
480W LEDs:  approx. 97 hrs

specification image

*Depending on model.

**Total coverage ≥ 0.5 fc with lights at 30 feet and fixtures tilted 15° down from vertical.

Specifications subject to change without notice.