Queue Warning System

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The Wanco Queue Detection & Slow Traffic Warning System is a portable, automated, real-time system that alerts drivers of traffic conditions ahead. This intelligent traffic system uses traffic sensors, located upstream in work zones or congested areas, to warn drivers and give them time to slow down safely, reducing the risk of collisions and injuries.

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Heavy traffic can cause unexpected slowdowns and hazardous situations. A driver who suddenly encounters slowed or stopped traffic may have no time to slow down or change lanes in order to avoid a collision. The Queue Detection & Slow Traffic Warning System helps prevent collisions and injuries by warning drivers in advance, giving them time to take action.

The system operates using a set of small radar sensors strategically located alongside the roadway, and one or more variable message signs located upstream. The sensors send data to the Wanco Fleet Manager service via cellular modem. In turn, Fleet Manager processes and analyzes the data before automatically updating the messages displayed on the signs. The system operates autonomously, keeping drivers informed at all times.

This intelligent traffic system acts as a precautionary measure to keep drivers and construction workers safe by avoiding potential collisions.

Recent work zone safety data shows 857 work zone fatalities in 2020, and a staggering 102,000 work zone crashes the same year.* A study by Texas A&M Transportation Institute showed that queue warning systems were proven to reduce crashes by more than 50% and significantly reduced the overall severity of accidents that did occur.**

The sensors and message signs are portable, easy to transport and simple to deploy. Power is supplied by batteries, which are charged by an automated solar-based charging system. Low power consumption ensures reliable performance even for long-
term deployments. The system can be deployed just about anywhere for any duration.

Wanco Fleet Manager provides remote access to the system from a computer or mobile device. Monitor batteries and other system data, turn sensors on and off and more. Remote access saves time, improves safety and reduces the need for training personnel. Additionally, Fleet Manager logs events for review, such as speed reports, message changes, fault conditions and more.

*2020 NHTSA FARS and CRSS Work Zone Data Summary. https://workzonesafety.org/work-zone-data, retrieved February 17, 2023.

**Effectiveness of End-of-Queue Warning Systems and Portable Rumble Strips on Lane Closure Crashes. Ezekiel Y. Hsieh; Gerald L. Ullman, Ph.D., P.E.; Geza Pesti, Ph.D., P.E.; and Robert E. Brydia. https://ascelibrary.org/doi/10.1061/JTEPBS.0000084, retrieved February 17, 2023.


  • Portable system—no infrastructure investment
  • Fully automated nonintrusive traffic detection
  • Cellular transmission to Wanco Fleet Manager
  • Easy to deploy
  • Remote monitoring and control


  • Prevent collisions and save lives
  • Advance notice lets drivers to take action early
  • Relieves driver frustration by setting expectations ahead of delays
  • Non-intrusive devices make deployment safer
  • Autonomous operation
  • Real time remote access with Wanco Fleet Manager
  • Low maintenance costs

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