Queue Detection System

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The Queue Detection & Warning System alerts drivers of traffic conditions in work zones or congested areas. The system uses real-time traffic sensors located upstream of stopped or slow traffic in order to warn drivers ahead of time and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.
The system includes onboard GPS for tracking, an easy-to-use sensor and an onboard processing system that displays real-time data. All data is displayed on variable message signs, which operate 24/7 to keep drivers informed and alert at all times.


  • Advanced technology detects and relays traffic updates to drivers 24/7, automatically and in real-time
  • Web-based platform lets you quickly track the entire work zone – view detailed images, set messages on changeable signs, view vehicle speed and more

Speed Report Map

  • Automatic alerts can be delivered to the DOT and contractors via email or text
  • Onboard GPS tracking lets you monitor equipment in real-time so the system can continue to work even if a device is moved out of order
  • No special skills required to deploy a sensor – just aim it at traffic and turn it on
  • Easily add cameras for real-time remote video monitoring


  • Allows motorists to brake early by providing real-time warnings well in advance of slowdowns
  • Helps prevent serious rear-end collisions due to abrupt slowdowns in work zones
  • Relieves driver frustration by setting expectations ahead of delays

How We Can Help

Wanco has partnered with QLynx Technologies (formerly PDP Smart Work Zone Systems) to provide ITS solutions for implementing, managing and operating 21st century transportation systems. QLynx is a premier Smart Work Zone and Portable ITS company with a history of more than 20 years providing high quality, reliable systems. Together we work to ensure your safety both on and off the road.