Wanco Fleet Manager

Wanco Fleet Manager provides the fleet tracking and management solution you need for all your Wanco traffic safety equipment.

With this interactive online tool, you have everything you need to make necessary changes based on accurate, up-to-date information. Maximize the value of your traffic safety assets by remotely accessing and controlling your fleet of Wanco Message Signs. Remote access saves time, improves safety and reduces the need for training of off‑site personnel.


  • Remote access through the cloud
  • Accurate and real-time data
  • Message management
  • Mass-message broadcast
  • Temperature and electrical system graphs

Organization Tools

Using a computer with an Internet connection, see your entire fleet, create lists and groups of equipment, and manage equipment individually or in groups. Add and remove equipment to Fleet Manager as needed.


Remote Access

Wanco Fleet Manager provides real-time access to equipment health information, including battery charge, alarms and electrical and physical information. Monitor and change messages on message signs, send mass-message broadcasts to multiple signs, and more.

GPS Mapping

GPS mapping lets you identify and locate the equipment in your fleet. Geofencing lets you designate specific areas where your equipment is allowed, with notifications and configurable alarms that are triggered when boundaries are breached.