Small Truck Message Signs


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Truck-Mount Message Signs for small trucks feature a full matrix of LEDs for displaying highly legible messages. These signs feature high-efficiency LEDs for outstanding performance and legibility. Available in two heights both six feet wide, these signs also include an integral, electrically operated, 90-degree tilt-frame. The enhanced touchscreen controller provides most common functions right on the home screen.

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Wanco’s Small-Truck Message Signs feature high-efficiency LEDs for outstanding performance and legibility. Common applications include road striping convoys, pothole repairs, snow removal, road sweeping and crash cushion (TMA) trucks.

The full-matrix display can present messages as text, graphics or both. Messages are bright, easily visible and highly legible. Two sign sizes are available — 4×6 feet and 3×6 feet.

For ease of use, Wanco’s full‑color touchscreen controller is redesigned for truck‑mount applications. Most common functions are available directly from the home screen, which also provides one-touch activation of customizable high-priority messages. The controller is installed inside the cab for easy access.

An integrated tilt-frame raises and lowers the sign 90 degrees using an electric actuator, operated from the touchscreen controller. In travel position, the sign and compact frame are less than 14 inches in height.


  • High-efficiency LEDs for outstanding performance
  • Two compact sizes for small trucks: 4×6 and 3×6
  • Touchscreen controller, no laptop required
  • Continuous message preview on controller
  • Preprogrammed extra-bold arrows


  • Sign with integrated tilt-frame installed as a single unit
  • Can be installed in a truck bed or over the cab
  • Wiring harnesses for simple cable connections


  • Full-matrix display shows text, graphics or both
  • Preprogrammed extra-bold arrow patterns
  • Preprogrammed text messages, symbols and graphics
  • Multiple alphanumeric fonts
  • High-efficiency LED characters are bright, clear and legible
  • Optical lenses and sunshades increase visibility and improve performance
  • Energy-efficient operation reduces strain on vehicle batteries
  • Sign and tilt-frame operated from inside vehicle cab
  • Built-in RF immunity ensures reliable performance
  • Full-color touchscreen controller with high-resolution display installed inside cab
  • Continuous message preview on controller main screen
  • Enhanced main screen provides “single click” for many common functions
  • Multi-level password protection restricts access to control software
  • NTCIP compliant


  • Controller provides access to diagnostic information
  • Display cabinet door props open for servicing
  • Individual display modules can be replaced easily
  • Durable powder-coat finish resists the elements


  • Controller pedestal/post mount
  • Tall truck-bed mounting frame
  • Low truck-bed mounting frame


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Large sign

Approx. 265 lb (120kg) with integral tilt-frame

Small sign

Approx. 220 lb (100kg) with integral tilt-frame



Large sign, 48 × 30 pixels, 1440 total
Small sign, 48 × 20 pixels, 960 total
34mm pitch


12 fonts, from 4×5 to 11×23 pixels, depending on model

Default font

12 in., 5×9 pixels per character
3 lines of 8 characters per line, max. (large sign)
2 lines of 8 characters per line, max. (small sign)


Preprogrammed, custom, and MUTCD-standard, including bold arrows



8×6×2 in. (20×14×4 cm), W×H×D


Adjustable dashboard-mount bracket
Optional floor-mount pedestal


Full color, backlit, 7-inch touchscreen display
800 × 480 pixels


Create, set and clear messages
Tilt-frame control
System diagnostics


Multi-level password protection

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Specifications subject to change without notice.