Trucks Entering Highway

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The Trucks Entering Highway Warning System is a portable, automated, real-time system that notifies drivers when construction vehicles are leaving a worksite and entering the highway. This intelligent traffic system acts as a precautionary measure to keep drivers and construction workers safe by avoiding potential collisions.
This dynamic messaging system uses roadside sensors to transmit real-time information to drivers via changeable message signs or flashing warning signs. The signs are located far enough up the road so drivers approaching the work zone have enough distance to slow down before they reach the merging traffic.


  • Portable so you don’t have to invest in infrastructure
  • Eco-friendly battery-power with automatic solar charging
  • Easy to deploy—just aim sensors and signs at traffic
  • All devices are designed to operate autonomously in the field


  • Eliminate collisions and save lives
  • Advance notice prevents drivers from having to suddenly slam on the brakes, eliminating spin-outs, crashes and fatalities
  • Non-intrusive devices make deployment safer
  • Low maintenance costs

How We Can Help

Wanco has partnered with QLynx Technologies (formerly PDP Smart Work Zone Systems) to provide ITS solutions for implementing, managing and operating 21st century transportation systems. QLynx is a premier Smart Work Zone and Portable ITS company with a history of more than 20 years providing high quality, reliable systems. Together we work to ensure your safety both on and off the road.