Trucks Entering Highway

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The Wanco Trucks-Entering-Highway Warning System (TWS) is a portable, automated, real-time system that notifies drivers when construction vehicles are leaving a worksite and entering the highway. This intelligent traffic system acts as a precautionary measure to keep drivers and construction workers safe by avoiding potential collisions.

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When slow-moving construction vehicles enter the roadway from a worksite, they present a significant hazard to fast-moving traffic, as drivers may not have time to slow down or change lanes in time to avoid a collision. The Truck Warning System helps prevent collisions and injuries by warning drivers in advance, giving them time to take action.

The Wanco TWS consists of two pieces of equipment that are paired electronically prior to deployment: a sensor trailer is located near the on-ramp from the worksite, while an oversized sign trailer with dual signal beacons is located next to the highway upstream from the on-ramp. The sensor trailer detects when a truck is bound for the highway and sends a signal to the beacons trailer, activating its flashing beacons. The beacons trailer is located up the roadway so drivers have enough advance warning and distance to slow down or change lanes before they reach the merging traffic.

The sensor trailer uses nonintrusive radar to detect trucks approaching the highway. RF communication between the trailers is nearly instantaneous, as is the beacon activation.

The system is connected in real time to the Wanco Fleet Manager service via cellular modem. The system logs each detection event with a date and time stamp. All data, including beacons-on time, system voltages and trailer locations (viewed in Fleet Manager on an interactive Google map) can be accessed remotely using Fleet Manager. The TWS operates independently from Fleet Manager, continuously monitoring and warning drivers even if the cellular signal is interrupted.

Both trailers are portable, easy to transport and simple to deploy. Power is supplied by batteries, which are charged by an automated solar-based charging system. Low power consumption ensures reliable performance even for long-term deployments. The system can be deployed just about anywhere for any duration.


  • Portable system—no infrastructure investment
  • Fully automated nonintrusive detection system
  • RF transmission to dedicated receiver
  • Near-zero latency
  • Easy to deploy


  • Prevent collisions and save lives
  • Advance notice lets drivers to take action early
  • Non-intrusive devices make deployment safer
  • Autonomous operation
  • Real time remote access with Wanco Fleet Manager
  • Low maintenance costs

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