Modem Package with GPS

The Wanco Modem Package with GPS provides remote access to Wanco Message Signs using an Internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone. This allows you to monitor, program and run diagnostics from a command center or central office. Included with this package are Wanco’s remote NTCIP central control software and Wanco Fleet Manager service.


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Simple Connectivity

Two components are necessary for remote communications: a modem installed on the message sign and a computer with an Internet connection. The modem is assigned an active data service plan (essentially, a phone number or IP address) that can be accessed (called) from the computer via an Internet browser.

Wanco supplies the modem and can either provide Wanco Cellular Service or assist in setting up your own service with a cellular carrier (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or similar). A computer running Microsoft Windows is required.

Wanco’s NTCIP remote-access software provides connection information and message sign status, and allows the operator to view — and modify — the message displayed on the sign. With more than one message sign, operators can check power levels on any sign, view alarms and warnings and access accessories such as Wanco Radar for Message Signs.



  • Remote control of sign messages
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Cellular data-transfer technology
  • LTE with fallbacks
  • Multiple I/O for message sign telematics
  • Precision GPS built in
  • Programmable alarms
  • Compatible with NTCIP central systems
  • Can be installed on any Wanco message sign

Remote NTCIP Software

Wanco’s easy-to-use program connects your computer to an individual message sign via an Internet connection. Use it for changing messages, checking on trailer health status (such as battery voltages), viewing GPS locations and setting message schedules.

Web-Based Remote Control

Using a standard Web browser, Wanco’s web-based remote control allows connection to an individual message sign without any special software. This app is ideal for smartphones and tablets, and will also work on laptop and desktop computers.

Fleet Manager

Wanco Fleet Manager is a Web-based application for managing your entire message sign fleet. Ideal for managing contractor rentals and large DOT projects, features include GPS mapping and mass-broadcast for Amber Alerts and emergencies. Learn more on our Fleet Manager page.

Cellular Plans

You must have a cellular plan for using the Wanco Modem Package with GPS. You can set up your own, let Wanco help you set one up, or simply use the Wanco Cellular Service.


Wanco has a selection of compact industrial 4G gateways with GPS. We set up the modem at the factory for easy integration and no configuration hassles. For more information, contact us today!

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