Variable Speed Limit Trailers


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Variable speed limit signs provide dynamically changeable speed limit notification to motorists on a brightly lit, highly visible display panel. Wanco Variable Speed Limit Trailers add flexibility to this strategy, being both portable and self-powered. They are easy to deploy and require no permanent installation or wiring. Manage traffic more effectively with a variable speed limit sign you can change in response to current conditions without adding infrastructure.

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Wanco Variable Speed Limit Trailers display a changeable speed limit on a sign that mimics the look of an R2-1 regulatory speed limit sign. A large LED display panel substitutes for static speed limit numbers. The display is capable of showing white numbers on a black background and black numbers on a white background, two digits for mph and three digits for km/h. Automatic dimming helps to ensure long run times. Options include the Wanco 4G GPS modem for remote communications, Wanco Radar for speed detection, and the Wanco Traffic Data Classifier System. Customizations are available to meet local specifications.

When the trailer is deployed on highways and other high-speed arterials as a component of an active traffic management (ATM) system, the transportation department can change the displayed speed remotely or at the sign. Update the displayed speed in real time to accommodate changes in conditions due to weather, incidents, work zone activity and other traffic events using the Wanco Fleet Manager service or an ATM system. Broadcast capability is built in.

The display panel remains vertical at all times, raised and lowered on a vertical tower that allows the display to be rotated for orienting toward traffic without moving the trailer. When the tower is lowered for transport or storage, the display panel rests in a cradle that keeps it secure.

Power is provided by batteries, which are charged by an automated solar-based charging system. A backup AC-powered charger is included.

Additional solar, batteries and regulatory signs may be added at the factory to support the application and local requirements.

Wanco Variable Speed Limit Trailers can be customized to meet state DOT requirements. Contact factory for more information.


  • Portable self-powered system
  • Extra-large electronic display
  • Selectable LED speed numbers
  • Display speed in black on white or white on black
  • Remotely accessible and changeable with Wanco 4G modem


  • Portable system is easy to transport and deploy
  • Heavy-duty hand-winch with safety brake allows one person to raise display panel
  • Tower rotates for optimal positioning
  • Lock-pin holds tower in place during operation
  • Stabilizer legs raise tires off the ground for stability in high wind


  • Onboard controller for local operation
  • Full-color touchscreen controller with high-resolution display
  • Multi-level password protection limits access to control software
  • Large regulatory speed limit sign with electronic speed display
  • Electronic display features high-output bright white LEDs
  • Displayed speed can be either white on black or black on white
  • Visors and shades over LEDs produce superior visibility
  • Electronic display has automatic dimming
  • Selectable speed limit
  • Internal clock facilitates built-in schedule programming
  • Controller mounted to display panel frame for eye-level programming
  • Weather-resistant control box cover has lockable latches
  • Meets MUTCD

Power system

  • Battery powered and solar charging
  • Energy-efficient operation results in long run times
  • Solar panel charges batteries automatically without intervention
  • Charging system shuts down when batteries are fully charged, preventing damage
  • Unique system allows battery charging with solar panel or commercial power
  • Battery box can be locked to prevent unauthorized access


  • Individually replaceable display modules
  • Standard trailer tires
  • Bolt-on fenders can be replaced if damaged
  • Durable powder-coat finish resists the elements



  • Choice of battery types and configurations
  • Additional solar
  • 45-amp battery charger

Tow hitch

  • Combo-hitch for 2-inch ball and 2 1/2-inch pintle hook
  • Standard lunette ring for 2 1/2-inch pintle hook
  • Heavy-duty lunette ring for 3-inch pintle hook

Other options

  • Choice of regulatory signs
  • High-security battery box

Some options may not be available for aftermarket installation. Please consult factory.


Latest product documents only. For older product documentation, please contact our customer service department.


Download Full Specs

Deployed footprint

75 × 75 in. (191 × 191 cm)

Deployed height

15 ft. 4 in. (4.67 m)

Travel height

97 in. (247 cm)


Approx. 1560 lb (708 kg)



MIG-welded steel tubing

Speed-limit display cabinet

Aluminum sheet construction
Dust- and weather-resistant, comparable with NEMA 4 (IP54)


Powder-coated and oven-baked



Speed limit sign

Size, W × H

36 × 48 in. (91 × 122 cm)


Aluminum sheet, 0.080" (2mm) thick, with high-intensity reflective coating

Electronic display


Two white LEDs form each pixel

Viewable matrix

22 pixels wide by 15 high
30 × 20 in. (76 × 51 cm)

Displayed speed

One, two or three digits, from 5 to 140 in increments of 5

Character height

18 in. (46 cm)



Four 6 Vdc Group 24 deep-cycle batteries, wired for a 12-volt system

Battery capacity

430 Ah total

Solar panel

One 100 W panel

Specifications subject to change without notice.