Connected Arrow Boards

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Wanco Connected Arrow Boards send digital alerts to warn drivers of hazards well in advance, giving them additional time to move over and slow down. Connected arrow boards send notifications automatically — no operator interaction is needed. Some state DOTs are mandating arrow boards and other work zone equipment must be connected to navigation systems. The end goal is to improve roadway safety and reduce work zone fatalities.

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Wanco Connected Arrow Boards (CABs) send data to the HAAS Alert Safety Cloud, enabling the delivery of real-time digital alerts to approaching motorists, which help to prevent crashes and improve work zone safety. The arrow boards provide the data, and connected platforms such as vehicle navigation systems and smartphone apps provide the alerts.

Currently available on Wanco Folding-Frame Arrow Board Trailers and Vertical-Mast Arrow Board Trailers only.

Add the optional Wanco Fleet Manager service to access our connected arrow boards remotely. Remotely view equipment location, compass bearing, display status, voltages, alarms and more. When an arrow board is set to the remote operating mode, its display can be remotely set to the 4-corner-caution pattern.

Some state DOTs are mandating arrow boards and other work zone equipment must be connected to navigation systems. Many late-model vehicles in North America are currently connected to Safety Cloud and can already receive real-time data.


  • Real-time alerts to motorists using connected systems
  • Helps prevent accidents and improve roadway safety
  • Activated at the factory — no user configuration needed
  • Automatically sends data when deployed
  • Optional Fleet Manager portal for additional data

Connected data

Connected arrow boards provide:

  • “On” operating status
  • GPS location
  • Compass bearing
  • Display pattern


Notifications commonly include:

  • Work zone ahead
  • Distance to work zone
  • Direction to move, right or left depending on arrow display pattern
  • Source of the alert

Fleet Manager

Use the optional Wanco Fleet Manager upgrade to:

  • Access remotely with easy-to-use dashboard
  • View location and compass bearing on detailed map
  • Monitor pattern being displayed, voltages and alarms
  • Identify trailer stance, including tip-over status
  • Receive system alerts via text or email
  • Execute remote command to set 4-corner-caution pattern or blank the display
  • Monitor performance
  • Review operation history log


*Retrofit requires compatible arrow board controller. Some models cannot be upgraded.

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