Connected Arrow Boards

Access our Connected Arrow Boards remotely using Wanco Fleet Manager for viewing equipment location, compass bearing, display status, voltages and alarms. Additionally, the display can be remotely set to the 4-corner-caution pattern. Available with Wanco Folding-Frame Arrow Board Trailers and Vertical-Mast Arrow Board Trailers only.


  • Remote access with Wanco Fleet Manager interface
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • View location and compass bearing on detailed map
  • Monitor pattern being displayed, voltages and alarms
  • Identify tip-over status
  • Receive system alerts via text or email
  • Execute remote command to set 4-corner-caution pattern
  • Review operation history log
  • Retrofit to Wanco Arrow Boards*

*Retrofit requires compatible arrow board controller. Some models cannot be upgraded.

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