Travel Time System

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The Travel Time Measurement System calculates the amount of time it takes motorists to travel between different points in a work zone or roadway system. Using strategically placed sensors, the system determines the travel time then communicates the information to drivers using variable message signs. The signs display real-time updates such as end-of-queue, travel time and reduced-speed-ahead warnings. Travel times can also be communicated through publicly accessible websites.
In 2012, the FHWA reported 482 million vehicle hours lost in traffic delays due to work zones. This translates to $6.5 billion in lost time. By collecting real-time speed data and notifying drivers about delays ahead of time, the Travel Time Measurement System reduces time lost in traffic.


  • 24/7 online viewing and control of the system from any location

System Report Map

  • Uses cellular communications to efficiently transfer data
    Hybrid System Inputs

  • Automatic alerts can inform DOT and contractors via email or text when slow-downs occur so that they can clear incidents and manage traffic faster
  • Can be integrated with queue detection and portable cameras to provide real-time remote video monitoring online


  • Helps prevent accidents that occur in congested areas
  • Saves hours and money lost in traffic by offering alternate routes
  • Reduces frustration by notifying drivers in advance of extended travel time

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Wanco has partnered with QLynx Technologies (formerly PDP Smart Work Zone Systems) to provide ITS solutions for implementing, managing and operating 21st century transportation systems. QLynx is a premier Smart Work Zone and Portable ITS company with a history of more than 20 years providing high quality, reliable systems. Together we work to ensure your safety both on and off the road.