Automated Flagger

The Wanco Automated Flagger removes the human flagger from the road while providing motorists with clear guidance through a temporary traffic control zone.

Fold-n-Go Sign Trailers

Provides a portable platform for temporary signs. Various models provide space for up to three large and small signs. Add flashing beacons for greater visibility.

Compact Diesel Light Towers

These compact light towers have a small footprint and lots of features unique in this size, including the tallest mast, largest fuel tank, and longest run time.

Variable Speed Limit Trailers

A dynamically changeable speed limit sign on a portable, self-powered trailer. Deploy into work zones and active traffic management (ATM) implementations.

Wireless Arrow Boards

Wanco Wireless Arrow Boards for truck and trailer installations provide 900 MHz wireless connectivity with their paired controllers for full functionality at your fingertips. The Wanco wireless touchscreen controller is included.

Connected Arrow Boards

Access our Connected Arrow Boards remotely using Wanco Fleet Manager for viewing equipment location, compass bearing, display status and more. The display can be deactivated remotely.

Wanco Asset Tracker

Asset Tracker

Wanco Asset Tracker installed on virtually any piece of powered equipment provides the precise GPS location and location history in Wanco Fleet Manager.

Wanco Compass for Wanco Fleet Manager


Wanco Compass installed on connected arrow boards, message signs and speed signs, indicates the compass bearing of the sign in Wanco Fleet Manager interface.

Truck-Mount Arrow Board Controllers

Photos of controllers for 15-light and 25-light Wanco Truck-Mount Arrow Boards. Each arrow board size and model has a specific controller.

Wanco Water-Resistant Generators

Water-Resistant Generators

Perfect for pressure washers and other wet applications, featuring a brushless design with internal sealants and oversized windings suitable for wet areas.

WSP-Series Trailers & Skids

Heavy-gauge lockable enclosures, thick insulation for superior noise reduction and easy access to the interior. DSE digital controllers are standard.

WSP8-Series Generators

Compact and easy to transport with a large fuel tank for extended run times. Options include an arctic package for operation in extreme climates.

3800 Watt Gas Generator

Gasoline powered, 3800/3500 watts with an EPA- and CARB-compliant Kohler Command PRO engine, automatic voltage regulator (AVR) and much more.

5300 Watt Gas Generator

Gasoline powered, 5300/4800 watts with an EPA- and CARB-compliant Kohler Command PRO engine, automatic voltage regulator (AVR) and much more.

7500 Watt Gas Generator

Gasoline powered, 7500/7000 watts with an EPA- and CARB-compliant Kohler Command PRO electric-start engine, automatic voltage regulator (AVR) and much more.

Solar Integrator Trailer

Portable platform for integrators to install equipment as needed. Durable trailer with telescoping 20-foot tower, battery power and solar-based charging system.

What is ITS?

Intelligent Transportation Systems offer safe, time-efficient and financially friendly solutions for transportation and traffic management.

Mini Solar Surveillance System

Compact camera system with solar power features telescoping 20-foot vertical tower, integrated camera and electronics and year-round autonomous operation.

Diesel Laydown Light Towers

Traditional design with laydown tower, dual winches and diesel power plant. Choose metal halide lights, LED fixtures or balloon lights atop a telescoping tower.

Vertical-Mast Diesel Light Towers

Quick and easy to deploy, the mast on these light towers is always vertical. Choose metal halide lights, LEDs or balloon lights on the full-height telescoping tower.

Long-Run Light Towers

Wanco Long-Run Light Towers feature an exclusive, revolutionary design that provides more light than a metal halide light tower, but uses far less fuel.

12kW Light Tower

A 12kW light tower based on a powerful single-phase generator, features a vertical mast, extra-long run time and bright, energy-efficient LED light fixtures.

20kW Light Tower

A 20kW light tower based on a powerful three-phase generator, features a vertical mast, extra-long run time and four bright, energy-efficient LED fixtures.

Mine-Spec Light Towers

Designed for the rigorous environmental and operating demands of the mining industry — which also makes them perfect for oil and gas field applications.

Internal Storage Light Towers

A wide-body canopy provides storage for lights or equipment, available with LEDs, HIDs or balloon lights on a traditional laydown tower or a vertical tower.

Small Solar Light Towers

Compact design for utility site and road repairs, security checkpoints, gated entrances, flagger stations and small work areas. Autonomous summer operation.

Medium Solar Light Towers

Perfect for parking lots, small construction sites, material staging areas and material staging. Autonomous operation spring through fall in most locations.

Large Solar Light Towers

For more power and longer run times, with a larger frame and taller tower than our smaller models. Autonomous operation year-round in most typical locations.

Large/Wide Solar Light Tower

Large/Wide Solar Light Towers

Designed for large-scale operations like pit mining, large construction sites, parking lots and freight yards. Autonomous operation year-round in most locations.

LED Balloon Lights

LED balloon lights provide diffused light that reduces shadows and eliminates glare. Extremely energy-efficient, use commercial power or a portable generator.

Solar Surveillance System

Solar camera system deploys quickly and operates silently. Features telescoping 20-foot vertical tower, choice of PTZ cameras and NVR for onboard recording.

Compact Light Towers for Public Safety

Compact and loaded with features unique for this small size, including the brightest LED lights, tallest vertical tower, largest fuel tank, and longest run time.

Diesel Light Towers for Public Safety

Safety is always a concern when responding to an emergency at night. Get this proven portable lighting for police, fire and rescue, accident investigation and more.

Truck Bed Mount

A pair of mounting brackets raise the arrow board up off the truck bed. Two triangular brackets bolt to the bed and support either the 90° manual-tilt or 90° power-tilt frame, raising it 31 inches.

Tailgate Bracket

A pair of mounting brackets bolted to the back of the arrow board attach in a fixed position on any truck tailgate, either permanently or temporarily. Installation on the tailgate takes only a minute.

Low-Profile Power-Tilt Frame

When stowed, the low-profile tilt frame is less than 16 inches in height. The control panel, installed inside the cab, operates the arrow-board display and tilt frame. An electric actuator tilts the frame.

90-Degree Power-Tilt Frame

The 90-degree tilt frame allows the board to face traffic, or to face downward when not in use. An electric actuator tilts the frame, controlled with a switch on the arrow-board control panel.

180-Degree Power-Tilt Frame

The 180-degree tilt frame allows the board to face forward or backward. The control panel, installed inside the cab, operates the arrow-board display and tilt-frame. An electric actuator tilts the frame.

Manual-Tilt (Auto-Lock) Frame

Allows the arrow board to be tilted manually. Pulling the spring-loaded locking pin releases the board, which can be tilted 90-degrees downward when not in use. The pin automatically locks the board in position.

Vertical Light Towers for Public Safety

Quick and easy to deploy with a mast that is always vertical. Features four light fixtures or two balloon lights on a telescoping mast raised with a single winch.

Solar Surveillance & Lighting

Powerful solar camera and lighting system features telescoping 30-foot vertical tower, choice of PTZ cameras and bright sensor-controlled LED lights. High powered.

Solar Antenna Towers

A portable platform with a telescoping tower for antennas, radio transmitters and other equipment. Battery powered with automated solar charging.

Caution Beacons

Ideally suited as an add-on or standalone for any application — school zones, construction areas and other locations that require motorists to pay attention.

Wanco L-893 Runway Closure X-Marker

X-Marker L-893(L) Runway Closure Marker

An L-893(L) runway closure signal that efficiently and effectively warns pilots of closed airport runways and taxiways, and protects crews working in those areas.

Standard Sign Trailer

Provides a platform for temporarily displaying up to three regulatory signs. Features include two flashing beacons and a see-through design for pedestrian safety.

Tall Sign Trailer

Displays one or two regulatory signs higher off the ground than our standard trailer. Features include four flashing beacons and a see-through design for safety.

XT Sign Trailer

Displays three large regulatory signs on a very tall portable platform. Features include a full-width frame, two LED beacons and see-through design.

Compact Radar-Speed Trailer

Our compact trailer is perfect for residential areas and two-lane roads. Its small size makes it easy to tow and its see-through design keeps pedestrians safe.

Vertical Mast Radar-Speed Trailer

The speed limit sign and radar-speed display sit side-by-side high off the ground on our vertical-mast trailer. The signs and mast can rotate 360 degrees.

Folding Frame Radar-Speed Trailers

Perfect for highways and roadwork zones, our folding-frame trailers hold two large regulatory signs, and their speed display can be seen over a Jersey barrier.

W|ECO Folding Frame Arrow Board

W|ECO Folding Frame Arrow Boards

A single support holds the display panel during use and during transport. This unique design eliminates abrasion, extending the arrow board’s useful lifespan.

W|ECO Vertical Mast Arrow Board

W|ECO Vertical Mast Arrow Boards

Its vertical display panel rises on a mast that can be rotated freely to face traffic without moving the trailer. The arrow board is compact during transport.

Pole Mount Radar-Speed Signs

Our pole-mount signs can be hard-wired to commercial power or battery-powered with an automatic solar charging system. Choose from two display sizes.

Truck Mount Arrow Boards

Perfect for convoys, crash-cushion (TMA) trucks and emergency repair crews. Four sizes of arrow boards and the largest selection of mounting options.

Arrow Shaped Signs

Featuring the same ease of use as our full-size arrow boards, these rugged, compact signs have a smaller profile and less wind resistance. Five display patterns.

Compact Speed Trailer for Public Safety

Deploy these signs in school zones and residential areas where motorists need a reminder to slow down. This compact trailer can be towed by most vehicles.

Rigid Frame Arrow Board Skids

Suitable for TMA trucks and trailers, install these fixed-position skids on a truck bed or any rigid footing. Tethered controller can go inside the truck cab.

International Speed Trailer

Designed for use internationally, deploy our compact, portable trailer in neighborhoods or alongside motorways. Speed limit sign features changeable digits.

Matrix Message Signs

Ideal for large roadwork projects, public events and more, these full-size signs feature a large display, exceptional visibility and versatility. Meets MUTCD.

Folding Frame Arrow Board Skids

Like our folding-frame trailers, a single support secures the display panel when deployed and during transport. The panel pivots down to horizontal when not in use.